Solatube has become the number one choice for transfering natural daylight into Ontario's homes. For over 15 years Performacne Natural Lighting has had the satisfaction of providing customers with over 5000 Solatube sylight instalations across the Greater Toronto Area.

A Message from the Owner John Hewitt,
Pickering Ontario
Solatube has become the number one choice for transfering natural day-light into Ontario's homes. For over 15 years Performance Natural Lighting has had the satisfaction of providing customers with over 5000 Solatube skylight installations across the Greater Toronto Area. 
			A message from the Owner John Hewiitt, Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Why SOLATUBE Skylights

Solatube tubular Daylighting Systems are installed by Performance Natural Lighting to brighten those dark rooms in your home with natural daylight. This innovative technology created by Solatube permits a rigid reflective tubular system to be installed without ceiling joist or roof rafter modifications. The final result is an attractive clean look occupying minimal ceiling space.
Solatube tubular Daylighting Systems unique compact design allows for installation in complex roof structures and confined spaces where conventional skylights are not feasible. In comparison to standard skylights, Solatube skylights pricing is more affordable without the requirements of  installing drywall and painting.
Solatube Daylighting Systems incorporate raybender 3000 technology into it's UV protected dome, capturing maximum sunlight. The natural daylight is reflected down 99.7% spectralight infinity coated tubing, the most reflective material of it's kind world wide. The Solatube Daylighting System is designed to accommodate higher attic spaces if need with minimal reduction of light. Read more detail on my solatube and LED blogs below

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Welcome to Solatube Sales & Solatube installations by Performance Natural Lighting, Many home owners are reluctant about the thought of  having a hole cut in their roof. With Performance Natural Lighting your putting trust in not only an experienced  trained installer, but also a dedicated person who is passionate about his work.



Solatube Glass Distractions are decorative and now available. These new stylish diffusers for Solatube are made with real glass and offer interesting lighting characteristics with they're unique designs that will compliment any room installed in.  This gives Solatube an overall advantage keeping pace with modern designs.  Visit the Solatube products page for more details.

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Testimonials SOLATUBE

August  2011 John Hewitt installed a 14" Solatube over our dark stairwell. We also included the add on Solatube light kit. We are so pleased with the amount of light now coming into the house.  John is an extremely knowledgeable and skillful installer who took time to both listen to our needs and explain the possibilities. The work was neatly done in a day and John appeared to us to be a person who takes pride in his work. Thanks for a great job!
Norma and John - Markham, Ontario


  • 10" Solatube & 14" Solatube  
  • Solatube Add-on Light Kits
  • Solatube ventilation Add-on Kit
  • Vusion & decorative glass diffuser covers
  • Solatube Solar Star® Attic Fans
  • Solatube Daylight Dimmer



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