Solar Tube Tubular Lighting

     Solatube Tubular Skylight are installed by Performance Natural Lighting to brighten up those dark rooms in your home with natural daylight.  This innovative technology collects and transfers sunlight by utilizing a roof top flashing and dome coupled with rigid reflective 10 inch or 14 inch Solatube diameter tubular system format that can be installed without ceiling joist or roof rafter modifications.  The final result is the distrubution of brilliant interior natural light with an attractive clean looking ceiling difusser lens occupying minimal ceiling space.

    The solatube tubular skylight system's unique compact design allows for installation in complex roof structures and confined spaces where conventional skylights are not feasible. In comparison to standard skylights, Solatube tubular skylight  pricing is more affordable without the requirements of  installing drywall and painting.

      Solatube tubular skylights have the adavantage to accommodate higher attic spaces if needed with minimal reduction of natural light compared to standard skylights. 

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Natural Lighting

           Darkness before installation

     After installation


Natural Sunlight - A Healthy Connection
     Natural Lighting is an imprtant aspect in life in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.   Obtaining the benefits of natural light can be a problem due to building layouts blocking natural light and with the acess of limited light sources from window locations.    

Energy Conservation -  Saving On Your Hydro Bill 
I quite often listen to homeowners complaining about the fact that they have to actually leave lights on during the daytime in certain areas of there home.  Stairwells, hallways, kitchens and bathrooms are among of a few areas that are all too common, not for long - installing a Solatube will  take care of that lighting problem.

True Colours - 
     Natural light emitted from Solatubes will produce a higher colour rendition quality compared to electric incandescent or fluorescent light.  Interior finishes such as wall paint, flooring, cabinetry and furniture are  all noticably highlighted from the natural light source.

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I always say that a home renovation company is only as good as the installer that comes to your house. In this case, John is highly skilled and knowledgeable. He has years of experience with this product and knows exactly what he's doing. We discussed my requirements and the positioning of the Solar Tubes. I was impressed with the precision and care he took with the measurements. My husband and I are thrilled with the difference the Solar Tubes have made to our previously very dark hallway. I have already recommended him to one of our friends. Thanks again, John!

Janet Sakamoto - Mississauga Ontario


  • 10" & 14" Solatube tubular Skylights
  • Solatube Add-on Light Kits Or NighLight
  • Solatube ventilation Add-on Kit
  • Classic & decorative glass diffuser covers
  •  Solar-vent
  • Solatube  Dimmer


  • We guarantee 100% quality work Satisfacation.
  • Dependable friendly service you can count on.
  • 10 years writen invoice warranty provide.
  • Solid 22 years of Solatube installation experience.  
  • Solatube is the leading manufacturer 
  • for tubular daylight systems word wide
  • Solatube has 99.7% Reflective material.