Ron and I love our new Solatubes and are amazed at the light they provide. The only problem is I keep looking for the light switch to turn off the light, which is not on! Thanks for yourr professional work. We highly recommend your company.
Helen Mcrae
Brighton, Ontario Canada

Helen Mcrae, Brighton, Ontario, Canada

Hi John,
you installed a Solatube in our house in Scarborough a few years ago which we loved!
We have just moved to Uxbridge and would like to have one possibly two if we can figure it out, you will understand when you see installed our new house.
Look forward to scheduling a time for you to come here.
Roberta Bustard
Uxbridge Ontario Canada

Roberta Bustard, Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

My wife and I are long overdue to say how pleased we are with the two Solatubes John and his son installed for us. We live in Guelph and many families have had the pleasure of Johns perfessional installations in and around our area.  A few days after the project was completed, I left a voice mail but have been meaning to put "pen to pad" at the expression goes and take another step to express our gratitude both John and his son were an absolute joy to work with that day.  Weather conditions were ideal and their expertise ensured a perfect install.  We are always amazed each time we look up at our 18ft ceiling to see how much natural light the Solatubes bring into the front of our home.  We only wish we had contacted John sooner!  We highly recommend Performance Natural Lighting and look forward too future projects with John and his family.
Our sincerest thanks
Susan and Glen Irving,
Guelph Ontario
From Googles Review

Glenn Irving, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Hi John, 
You are a Kind man and a great professional. we love our Solatube. The light it emits makes a huge difference in out home. What used to be a dark stairway both day and night is now a pleasant light filled stairway from early morning to sundown.


Eleanor Harrigan, Brampton, Ontario,

Hi John,
Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for the terrific work you did installing our Solatubes Tubular Skylight last week.
Sunny days make such a huge difference in the lighting in the kitchen.
I have attached a before and after photo-the before was as you were working, before the holes were made. and the after was right after you left. Same day, about a two hour difference in time.  Unbelievable!
The product, as well as the quality of work is outstanding!  Would highly recommend your company!

Best regards,
John and Cindy Hendren

John and Cindy Hendren, Peterborough- Omemee, Ontario

Thanks John,
Your installation on the first call and workmanship was great with your Company....can finally see my kitchen during the day.

Oleg Volochkov in Oshawa

Oleg Volochkov, Oshawa, Ontario

  John was an efficient installer, I am so enjoying the brightness of the rooms during the day. I would highly recommend John to insert Solatubes.

Terri Beauchamp

Terri Beauchamp Belleville, Ontario

Hello John, 
                Well, we have now had these 3 Solatubes for a couple of days.They are working exactly as you said they would. We are only just getting used to them and I still find myself looking to turn a light switch off.
      John, you did a splendid job, all very neat and tidy and in a timely fashion, thanks again for a job well done.

  Eric and Jan Blaikie 

Eric and Jan Blaikie Port Hope, Ontario

John, We are very happy with the Solatube, Thank you very much!! We will soon decide about the additional Solatube and let you know. 

Susan & Jim

Susan and Jim Murphy Oshawa, Ontario

Good evening John, the Solatube light you installed for us works very well, we both are very happy for the excellent work you did for us once again, thank you John for your excellent workmanship, you have very great skills in your profession.


Prafull Maratha Etobicoke, Ontario

     Thank you so very much for making the trip to Hamilton this week to install Solatubes in our new home, John, they have made a big difference in the spaces where they were installed. To say we are thrilled with them and your work is understatement.

Happy days, Gale Bulkley

Gale Bulkley Hamilton, Ontario

Thank you so much for coming by and fixing the Solatube!
We appreciate it tremendously. We have had an incredible streak of bad luck with tradesmen  sloppy and don"t live up to their word.
John Mortimer and Laima Lidums 

John Mortimer Pickering Ontario

Hi John- You did a marvellous job installing a Solatube for us a few month ago.
You drove all the way down to St.Catharines to our bungalow by the canal. You will never know how much we appreciated your going that distance, and how delighted we were that you did that for us!
We are hoping you might help us with another Solatube (mabey 2- depending on if you have a clear run above both desired location). The house we would like these installed is much closer this time-in Rockwood (north of Milton).
Any chance your schedule will allow for a visit to Rockwood to install a couple tube for us before the snow fall?
Jen &Ralph
Sept 24, 2015 

Jen & Ralph, St. Catharines Ontario

Wow John, I am so glad I asked you to photo it. It is a lot different than I expected.
Many thanks-for the photo and for the Solatube.

Love it.
Marilyn Kimberly 

Marilyn Kimberley, Toronto Ontario

Hello John, not sure if you still remember us, but we sure remember your kind professional service. You were here around December before christmas a couple of years ago to service my 22 years old Solatubes, we are very grateful that you came out of your way to help us. John I would like you to install a Solatube for my son house in Hamilton for his staircase, this is a birthday surprise gift, so could you please give us a call when you have a chance.

Thank you again for your help John 

Peter and Carolyn Martin Grimsby, Ontario

John, I am really pleased with the work you did for our Solatube, and will certainly recommend you to family and friends and my son in the US could not believe the difference - unfortunately, now I can see what needs painting!!!

Thanks again.
Jean Tyrrell 

Jean Tyrrell Mississauga, Ontario

John, thank you so much for your hard work. We keep wanting to turn the lights out!!!
hope and David Finnimore 

Hope and David Finnimore Etobicoke, Ontario

We had a Solatube installed by John Hewitt and I must say that all the reviews written about him are true to their claims and more. John is a real professional!!! 
He is efficent, clean, informative, kind and with twenty years of experience he is also one to be well trusted. The Solatube looks amazing and gives a lot of light to previously dark area. It is like having a big window. One of our neighbours was so impressed that right away has decided to get the Solatube as well and John will do the installation of course. We sincerely recommend him to all who are considering to get the Solatube. You will be most pleased with the results of the Solatube and the work John provides.
Thank you John for your hard work and for being a wonderful person.
Heather and Peter Ivanic 

Heather & Peter Ivanic Oakville Ontario

We were extremely happy with the additional light from the three Solatubes John had installed in our previous home. This summer, when we moved to a middle unit town house, natural lighting was again a problem. We were so happy to be able to have daylight in our windowless ensuite and upstairs hall as well as additional light in the living room and the front hall.
John Hewitt came and did a super job of installing the 4 Solatube and we highly recommend both John and his company if you want to brighten up the dark areas of your home without the fear of leaking or sun damage common to many traditional sky lights.
    Allan & Sue Stevens  

Allan and Sue stevens. Markham, Ontario

Hi John 
I just wanted to thank you very much for doing a great job on the Solatube in my house.
Everthing look great!
Take care and have a good day.

Shelley Martin, Markham Ontario

Thanks again for the great work on the Solatube. looks amazing, we are loving it.

Warren & Tania Milko 

Warren and Tania Milko, Oakville, Ontario

Hi John

             We are wanting to have a Solatube installed in our Kitchen. You installed one in our bathroom lasted year and we are very pleased. We live in an adult complex in Cambridge where you installed 12 last year. would you let me know when this installation fit in with your schedule.


       Joy Jack

Roy Jack, Cambridge, Ontario

Thank you so much John for the professionalism that you have showed us. My wife, Sue and my son, Dane indeed think highly of you, they have emailed me pictures of the Solatubes, They look amazingly wonderful!! 
By the way, we really appreciate the extra task you have rendered us by taking those photo attached. We were just very glad that we chose you, This time we hit the Jackpot! Had we not decided soon enough to let you install the Solatube, we did not have a way to know what those guys did to our roof and attic access. Your coming over to our home was truly a blessing.
Hey John. Thanks for the photo again. Breaks my heart looking at them though. LOL!! We have seen the new on TV just recently on how they scammed a senior citizen in Scarborough. I cannot understand why the better Business Bureau could not stop these people from doing these horrible actions.
My warm regards to you and your family from still warm Texas! Come November, I surely will enjoy the Solatubes as well.
More power to you, John.
Darcy Olayres 

Darcy Olayres, Scarborough Ontario

Dear John, I would just like to take a moment of your time to thank you for the wonderful job with our new Solatubes.
   John, I had not actually see one but they came highly recommended by our friend in Burlington that you installed for. your installation was professional in all area and you are very friendly and courteous. The clean up you did was wonderful. I have has a lot of work done in this house and our previous house and I know that clean up part is one that many installers/contractors do not like to do. The Solatubes are great, we love it so much and can not believe how bright the tube are. Once again thank you very much and feel free to use me as a reference for future potential clients.


Madeline Johnson, Toronto, Ontario

John, I meant to send this much sooner. freel free to add this to your testimonials page.

After having seen Solatube at my aunt and uncles place in Michigan, they have 2 there and also 2 in their place in Florida, I searched this company and found John Hewitt to be the Solatube dealer/installer here in the GTA (My uncle said it has to be a Solatube). What impressed me so much after contacting John was that he was not pushy and very casual, I said I did not know if we needed one or 2, he brought 2 just in case. We wanted one over the staircase as that is/was the darkest spot in the house. John showed up the date/time as promised and 3.5 hrs later were finished and cleaned up. We only needed one. I would definitely recommend John and Solatubes to brighten any space and to be environmentally conscious. Not having to turn the light on every time we go up the stairs is awesome. Thanks John..

  Cheers John. 
  Annette Canzona  

Annette Canzona, Milton, Ontario, 2014

Hello John
There is a quite serious disadvantage in the installation of Solar Tube, which is not explained in your website! The sudden brilliant illumination of an other wise dark and gloomy upstairs hall, has caused an acute increase in the need for additional dusting, vacuuming, and searching out of dust motes.
My wife and I still canot get over the New Look".and the amazing amount of light coming through one small tube; we find ourselves thinking, "We must turn off that switch in the hall", Why didnt we do this long time ago?
Your service was prompt, efficient, and on-time; you made the installation was pleasant to deal with, and did a great job of cleaning up after your work.
If we can fine some other darkened areas in our house,we shall certainly be in touch.
Arthur Smith 

Arthur Smith, Scarborough, Ontario

Hi John, I hope you had a good drive home.
 Well David came home and discovered the Solatubes and... absolutely loves it. The only issue is... that he wants another one right by our front door that is also a very dark spot in our house and I didn"t think of it today. So in the future I think we are going to need you back here. Not sure if it would be a 10 or a 14 inch one so it might be a good idea if you bring both. No rush- were away for almost two weeks in April so maybe you can come by sometime in May. Keep in touch and let us know.
Thanks again for your professional work.

Karen Connolly, Mississauga, Ontario


Hello John
Sorry it took me so long to send you the pictures of the before/after pics of the solar tube install.  I am loving the solatube and I believe the solar Star fan is doing its job.
Thank you again for coming down to complete the install, I must say since our first communication via texting it was a wonderful experience in dealing with you, professional, and takes pride in your job.
Thank you again and stop by whenever you and your wife visit your family.
Christine Williams
Christine Williams, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Hi John,
I wanted to thank you for your great work and service in putting in our 3 Solatubes, and also for helping out by installing the roof vents. 
What a difference it has made in the house ... has transformed the hallway/stairway and bathrooms 
The house is now much brighter and while we were away, the Toronto flood caused a 3 hour black out in the evening. My in-laws said that the Solatubes really made a difference upstairs!
So, just wanted to thank you for not only the great service, but your patience while we were going through our previous renovation. You have been a pleasure to work with and we appreciate your honesty, integrity and great work.
Yours Sincerely,
Edwin & Michelle

Edwin & Michelle Velez Mississauga, Ontario

Hi John.

The Solatubes you installed in my new energy star home have gone beyond our expectations. The light output is just incredible even producing light late in the evening when the sun is very low in the sky. My wife and I kept having the concern we had left the electrical lights on at first and have had to adjust to the natural light output these tubes produce. Everyone who has visited the house comments on the Solatubes and I recommend them to everyone who asks. Dealing with all purchaser changes at Greenpark Homes, I now have the confidence to strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a skylight, as we will not sell skylights in new homes because of their energy inefficiency and greater chances for service calls later. I think these Solatubes are the perfect solution.

Thank you again,
Regards Mark Bisgrove
Greenpark Homes
Design & Project Management

Mark Bisgrove, ( Greenpark Homes) Vaughan, Ontario

Good Morning John,
I just want to thank you again for installing a Solatube in my stairway. i can,t believe how much of difference it is  making in providing more light in the area and in making the area safer. I wish I had done it earlier so thank you again for your professional, clean, and quick installation.

Much appreciated,

Margaret Anne McLaughlin 

Margaret Anne McLaughlin Toronto, Ontario

Lynda and I are very pleased with your prompt and informed answers to our questions leading to our decision to have you install 4 Solatubes in our home. Your recommendations / experienced suggestions regarding the location and size of the Solatubes could not have been better. The two - 10" Solatubes in our dining area provide at least as much light as the abandoned, leaking skylight. The Solar Tubes in the main hallway and in the basement stairwell provide all the daytime lighting required for these areas.

Friends cannot get over the amount of light the Solatubes provide and we have had only positive comments regarding their appearance. We are pleased to recommend you to anyone considering this product for their home.

Thank you again!

Reg and Lynda Joyce, Hamilton, Ontario

Reg and Lynda Joyce Hamilton, Ontario

We are absolutely thrilled with our Solatube and only wish we had done it sooner. John was extremely professional in all areas – he provided us with a detailed, accurate quote, arrived on time for the installation, and made a point of cleaning everything up before he left. He made sure it was installed in the best location to give me the light where I wanted it. I would highly recommended a Solatube to anyone wanting more natural light in their house and would definitely recommend John for the job!!

Cindy Thompson


Cindy Thompson Pontypool, Ontario

Hi John.

Jean and I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our Performance Natural Lighting. The amount of extra illumination in both the kitchen and family room is nothing short of amazing. Even on the recent dull rainy days there has been enough light that we have not needed the usual lights on, When the sun is shining it is brilliant.
Your Solatubes installation process was smooth and professional. Suffice it to say that we will not hesitate to recommend your services to any of our friends and neighbours. Having seen ours, several have indicated that they may be interested in the new year. I have referred them to you.

Again, many thanks.
Best wishes to you and your family for the Holiday Season,
Jean and Ron Needs   

Jean and Ron Needs Bobcaygeon, Ontario

After months of research my wife and I decided that it was time to put more light into the darker areas of our house via skylights and/or Solatube.
We then met John at the home show. We asked a countless amount of questions for entertainment and research purposes and we were very impressed with John’s depth of knowledge.
We were quickly convinced that after months of searching we had perhaps found the right person for the job.
John not only agreed to see us the next morning in our house in order to give us a ballpark figure followed by an accurate written quote the day after.
When we agreed to accept the quote John continued to communicate frequently with us by letting us know the weather patterns expected within the next couple of weeks so that both parties could co-ordinate installation dates.
After about a week of rain John gave us the heads up that three perfect days were on their way so we decided to move forward at that time.
On day one John showed up right on time and got to work immediately on our upstairs tubes. His work was very clean and he was very careful not to scratch our maple hardwood floors. .
Overall it took John two full days to complete the installation of six Solatubes including two extended, hard to reach areas. This included installations over the stairway, the upper hall (including a light kit add-on), two upstairs washrooms (one with a fan add-on), an upstairs office (including a light kit add-on) and a laundry room on the main floor.
John was left in the house for all three days of work, and everything was always left in clean and perfect condition at the end of the day.
That’s not even the best part – all rooms that received this upgrade now have natural light flowing through them and we can see our dark-stained stairs at virtually all hours of the day and night thanks to John’s careful placement of the tubes.
On the first morning that we were able to truly enjoy the tubes my wife wasn’t sure whether or not the hallway light had been left on.We already feel a different energy in the house and it is thanks to John.
We would be happy to recommend him to anyone and to use our house as a showcase of John’s clean and precise efforts.
Thank you Performance Natural Lighting!
Greg & Eva from Markham


Greg & Eva Clarke Markham Ontario

My wife and I cannot believe how great the Solatube has turned out. If I knew this sooner, I would have installed this many years ago. I cannot believe the amount of natural sunlight that is being allowed into our home. It lit up the entire staircase where it was always dark.In the beginning I was a bit skeptic about the product but after meeting John the first time, his professional and honest character reassures me that it was worth the risk.
The entire process was a great experience for me. John was courteous and took the time to answer any questions that I had and always followed up on his promise. He took the time to install the product properly and walked me through the whole process. His honestly was evident when he also suggested less than the number of Solatubes required that expected,he is not only very good at what he does but has a good nature that is priceless. In my humble opinion, if you are fortunate enough to use his service, you will not be dissappointed.
Thanks John.
Colin Lee, Sept, 2012

Colin Lee, Markham Ontario

Hi John,
Keith and I just wanted to thank you so much for coming to Bobcaygeon and installing our Solatubes....we are absolutely thrilled with the result! After seeing what a difference the Solatube made in our interior kitchen, and seeing your impeccable workmanship, it was an easy decision to go ahead and install 2 more in our laundry room and main floor bathroom. The Solatube is an amazing product and worth every penny as it really is a substantial home improvement resulting in dramatically improving interior lighting especially in rooms without windows. We highly recommend your company John and will be sending you more referrals. To anyone considering a Solatube, we heartily recommend John. Keep up the excellent work John and we wish you continued success!!!
Debbie& Keith McLean
Bobcaygeon, Ontario
P.S.-Please feel free to use us for referrals John


Keith & Debbie Mclean Bobcaygeon, Ontario


Hi John, last month you installed a Solar Tube in our stairwell in our new home in King City.I just wanted you to know how happy we are with the product and your installation.Everyone who comes into the house is amazed at how cool the Solar Tube is and the amount of light it lets in. You did a fabulous job on the install and I've been
recommending you to all my friends,Thanks again.
Dan DiGravio
July, 2012


Dan DiGravio - King City Ontario

We had John come and install a fourteen inch Solar Tube in our Family room the other day.  I'm a person with high expectations, however I can honestly admit John patiently took the extra time to demonstrate and fully answer all of my questions and concerns prior to the installation.
He carefully measured the placement for the Solar Tube in the attic with precision and also showed us what we where exactly going to end up with and confirming the total cost. The end result gave us a room full of beautifull natural sunlight. we both love it very much and have refered John to our parents. Thank you so much for a wonderful Job and see you again soon.

 Jackie & Mike Kitevski

Jackie & Mike Kitevski Markham

Hi John: Thanks so much for your product and installation last Thurs, hottest day of spring yet!! It is so awesome to have all this natural lighting! Mark loves it as much as I do! The kids keep reaching for the light switch. We have not used our chandelier yet as the light in the evenings is sufficient. It held up very well over the humongous thunderstorm yesterday!! I wanted to include a couple of pictures for you. Thanks again. Great product! Great Job! We love it!
Karen & Mark 
June 22, 2012 

Karen & Mark Fitzsimmons - Whitby Ontario

Hi John,
 I am writing a long overdue letter to say how much we are enjoying the Solar Tube that you installed in the upper hall. The hall is so nice and bright without needing electricity to make it that way.  In fact, it is so bright at times, that the painter wanted us to turn off the "light" because he was having trouble painting the crown moulding. He couldn't believe that it was not an electric light fixture. The patterns and prisms from the optional Optiview diffuser are an ever changing pattern on the wall that make it quite funky. We love it!


Susan & Allan Stevens - Scarborough

Hi John, I just got home and cannot believe the difference, the hall is so much brighter, and the bathroom doesn't look like the same room!!  Thank you so much!
Adele and Jim MacAskill 

Adele & Jim MacAskill - Uxbridge
Hello John
Thank you again for doing such an awesome job putting in the Solar Tube. It really is a great product and so glad we didn't bother buying the Velux brand. After you left, several times, walking out of the kitchen, I reached for the light switch !!; my friend Doris said she did the same thing. At 7:30 this evening I could walk in the kitchen to make a cup of tea and I didn't need to turn on the light.
We can't wait to see the transformation in our neighbour's home after you install their Solar Tubes.
As promised I am sending you pictures.
Take care,
Brenda and John Wyles
Brenda & John Wyles - Brighton, Ontario
I had John of Performance Lighting install two Solatubes in my bungalow. One 14" in the kitchen, and one 10" in the hallway of the main floor. All I can say is "wow". These things are amazing! The amount of light from these things is truly incredible. One has to see them in person to see the true amount of light they produce. I also must say that John left the home spotless. A little thing that means a lot! I would gladly recommend John and Performance Natural Lighting to anyone that is considering the Solatubes for their home. Thanks again!

Brent Jeffreys - Toronto Ontario
I always say that a home renovation company is only as good as the installer that comes to your house. In this case, John is highly skilled and knowledgeable. He has years of experience with this product and knows exactly what he's doing. We discussed my requirements and the positioning of the Solar Tubes. I was impressed with the precision and care he took with the measurements. My husband and I are thrilled with the difference the Solar Tubes have made to our previously very dark hallway. I have already recommended him to one of our friends. Thanks again, John!
Janet Sakamoto - Mississauga Ontario
Allen Black - Ajax Ontario

Hi John,  just want to thank you again for the amazing job you did installing the two Solar Tubes in my main living space. It has literally transformed the whole house!  And as we discussed, I can't wait to get another Solar Tube in my kitchen - hopefully sooner rather than later... it was a pleasure doing business with you, Nina  

Nina Buckingham - Markham, Ontario

We are very happy with the Solatube installation that was carried out last year. We are very pleased with your install service and knowledge.

Thanks and wish you all the best

Atul Marathe

Atul Marathe - Etobicoke, Ontario


I just want to thank you for installing my new Solar Tube.  I can't believe the difference, the light from it is a much purer white.  When we bought this house I specified the name Solar Tube and the builder gave me a different product.  I'm glad I found you to guide me with the proper Solar Tube product and installation.  Thanks again.


Rosemary Rupert

Rosemary Rupert - Keswick, Ontario

I carefully researched Solar Tube installers in Ontario and John's name came up. His website is very clear and concise, consisting of many before and after photos. He was able to install my 14" Solar Tube in my kitchen with ease. John is professional, knowledgeable and a very likeable guy. He was very respectful of my home and left the job very clean. The earlier reviews certainly is representative of my experience. Beautiful job! I'm no longer in the dark. Thank you. Rommel

Rommel, EastYork
Hi John!

We are really happy with the Solar Tube. It really changes the space. And we are also happy with the work you did. We refered you to some of our coworkers and friends. Hopefully, you'll get more business.
Take care.

Jeremy piot-swat - Bowmanville

From the outset, when we spoke on the phone, I found you to be professional and very knowledgeable about your products. Not only were
we very impressed with the Solatube installation, we also found you to be extremely friendly and kind. You also managed to coordinate quite
seamlessly with the roofers who were redoing our flat roof.The Solatubes have brightened up our hallway immensely and we thank you!

All the best,
Wil Ng

Wil Ng - East York

Hi John:

Thanks you so very much for install the Solatube in our Doug’s.   We are all so thrilled with the installation and appreciate your going the extra mile.  He has a trucking yard somewhere near him which burns a light all night so he has a night light in his bathroom.  What a bonus.


Thanks again!


Marcia Spear

John, We have not had a moment to breath around here with the baseball tournaments and soccer tournaments, but I wanted to send you a brief note thanking you for the excellent installation of the Solatube with ceiling Solatube exhaust fan combo. It looks awesome first of all as it has illuminated a windowless bathroom and at the same time solved our very old ventilation issue with our en suite bathroom. Again many thanks for the cleanliness and attention to detail you provided. We have already had a number of friends and even a fewneighbours in to see and all are raving about the outcome.

Perri & Sterwart - Scarborough

From the time of pre-installation planning and price quotation, John has not only provided his serviceto us  competently but was able to give us very good advices along the way. A few weeks later and as expected, the process and  outcome of the installation was very good where John again demonstrated outstanding workmanship and customer service. Our project involved installling  a 14-inch Solar Tube with a dual light kit in the main second floor foyer while also adding a 10-inch Solar Tube with an in-line vent kit. My family was extremely happy with his quality of work and more remakably, John's attention to details in ensuring his customers are satisfied. We are truly grateful and fortunate to have professional like John to perform such a project for out family home and with a rather postive and dramatic result. Thank you, John

Henry Sinn - Markham

"Performance Natural Lighting exceeded my expectations!  John Hewitt is very knowledgeable and provided very good advice on the installation of our Solatubes.  John also was punctual and very tidy, I confidently him"

Mike Martins - Mississauga
John, we are very pleased with the results. the bedroom is much brighter and enjoyable.
we have recommended your services to several patients and friends and our real estate agent.who recommended you!
thanks again,
N & L Culley, Toronto Ontario
I had two 14" Solar Tube skylights and a Solar powered attic fan installed by Performance Natural Lighting. John was great to deal with on the phone and came as scheduled. His prices were great and the service and workmanship quality were even better. The amount of light given off by the Solar Tubes need to be seen in person to believe it. They have transformed the second level of our home from dark and gloomy to bright and cheerful.I keep thinking someone left all the lights on, so nice to enjoy so much light at no electrical cost or worries. The solar powered attic fan has dropped our upstairs temps by at least 5 degrees, can't recommend them enough. It was installed at the perfect location, maximizing it's potential and keeping us cool during this record setting hot summer. I had a great experience using Performance Natural Lighting and highly recommend them. Robert - Mississauga, Ontario
I did a lot of research before I found John at Performance Natural Lighting. Of all my availble options, I found that John has the most experience and competitive pricing. I hired John to install a 10" Solar Tube plus a Solar Tube add on vent kit into a windowless bathroom.  The result is nothing short of stunning. It's absolutely amazing how much natural light is now flooding the room.  If you're considering doing a similar install into a bathroom, I highly recommend doing the Solar Tube vent kt as well. Not only does it look great but you will not find a quieter fan on the market (the fan is located up in the attic, you can barely hear it.) John was extremely polite, professional and a pleasure to do business with. I took several biz cards from him as I will be referring John to friends who I'm sure will be amazed once they see our Solar Tube. Thank John for the fantastic job! Vic Chan - Thornhill, Ontario

August  2011 John Hewitt installed a 14" Solatube over our dark stairwell. We also included the add on Solatube light kit. We are so pleased with the amount of light now coming into the house.  John is an extremely knowledgeable and skillful installer who took time to both listen to our needs and explain the possibilities. The work was neatly done in a day and John appeared to us to be a person who takes pride in his work. Thanks for a great job!

Norma and John - Markham, Ontario

August 2011 Thanks so much John for doing such a good job installing our Solatube. Our hallway was once quite dark and now we love how much more natural there is. Your professionalism and meticulous work was very much appreciated. Thanks again for work well done and a great product!

Gina Loucks - Whitby, Ontario

Hello John, Thank you for completing our install today.  It was a plesure meeting you and watching your professional work.  Although it is still very hot outside, the Solartar attic fan appears to be having an immediate effect in our attic, as it is now noticeably cooler on the second floor.  Even with the low light outside the solar powered fan is quietly running and still power-venting our attic.

Anthony Marshall - Newmarket, Ontario

John Hewitt installed two Solatubes in our home last year and we were so pleased with the results that we had three more installed this year. Our house is now so much brighter and will be much more comfortable during the dull winter months with all the extra light.  John is courteous, always on-time and does the work with little to no mess.. he is highly recommended.

Susan & Richard Edwards - Markham, Ontario

Hi John,
Just a note to let you know how delighted I am with the installation of a Solar Tube in both the den and main floor bathroom in my home.  What a transformation!!  From being the darkest rooms in the house they are now full of daylight!!  The combined fan attachment in the bathroom is also very attractive and certainly much quieter than the original fan installed by the builder. 
I especially appreciated your friendly, professional service and ingenuity, especially in dealing with the challenges of the overlapping roof structures and the lack of attic access that you encountered with my roof.  You did an amazing job!!  
I'm looking forward to introducing and referring my friends and neighbours to Performance Natural Lighting.

Lynn Taylor

Lynn Taylor - Markham, Ontario

We are very pleased with the installation of the two Solar Tubes, they give a bright light just where you want or need it.  John made the entire installation seem very smooth.  The house was left clean afterwards.  He didn't try to upsell his product - we found him to be very trustworthy.
Thanks, John

Christine - Oakville

Hi John, please accept our sincere thanks for the wonderful job you did installing a Solatube in our home. The Solatube immediately transformed the inside bathroom from dimly lit room to a brightly lit enjoyable space. In this day in age, it is rare to find a product that exceeds expectations as the Solar Tube has for us. We could not be more pleased. it was definitely the right decision. The installation itself could not have gone better and was completed in two hours. John your professional approach and polite manner made the experience truly pleasurable. Please feel free to use us as references for your outstanding product and work. Regards

Garry & Sharon Campbell - Stouffville, Ontario

Thank you John for providing us with all the light we need from our new Solar Tube. Your installation was quick and tidey impressing us both!

Elizabeth Wong - North York, Ontario

April 2011

Back in 1996 John installed three Solar Tubes in my side split home in Mississauga. Well I'm totally thrilled that after all these years I was able to find the same Solar Tube installer running his own company now.  I hired him back for another Solar Tube for the living room.  I'm really delighted with all the Solar Tubes and John's professional work.  His Sales advice is honest as well as his Solar Tube pricing too.

Brian Hercak Mississauga, Ontario

May 2011

Every time we go into the bedroom we reach for the light switch to turn off the closet light but then realize the light is not on; it is just the natural light from our Solatubes. We have two and we love them.

Charlie & Bonnie Warriner - Stoufville, Ontario

June 2011

Performance Natural Lighting? Perfect! John Hewitt did very nice work - all in less than one day - beautiful natural daylight diffusing brilliantly in our previously dark and dull upper washroom. John installed Solar Tube with an integrated strong quiet fan. This greatly improved our home's look and feel (air & light). We appreciate your excellent work - and highly recommened!  Truly, Brian & Paulette Eaton
Brian & Paulette Eaton - Scarborough

June 2011

Hello John,
This is just a quick note to say thanks for the Solar Tube and a job well done.  The transformation can only be described as unbelievable.  My wife was also very pleased, which always helps.

Thankyou again, John
Mark Welsh - Scarborough Ontario

June 2011

We are so happy with the service and work Performance Natural Lighting has provided.  The Solatube not only brings natural light to our dark room without additional heat to the room, but also adds some modern flavour to our 82 year old house. We installed one Solatube on October 2010, and we called John again to install another Solatube in our hallway this June.  John Hewitt is very professional and proficient. We Highly recommend if you want to save energy and also brighten up some dark rooms with natural light.
Angel & Alan Wang - Toronto

June 2011

"great product, and fast professional service by John Hewitt. I emailed him and received a prompt answer; the next week he came by for the Solatube installation took only a couple of hours, with zero mess left behind, and zero fuss throughout. Highly recomended."
Peter Hewetson - Toronto

May 2011

my wife and I are completely happy with the job you did. The Solatube has brought an astonishing amount of light into what had been a very dismal part of our house. My wife just laughed and wondered how we could get the same results on the ground floor as well.Thanks John for doing such a nice, tidy job.
Marcus Vichert - Toronto

May 2011

Another terriffic and smooth installation by John.  Had two 14 inch tubes installed in upper hallway.  Prices much lower than Beam Superstore.  John was very professional and really respects your home.  I highly recommend him for your installation.  You won't regret it!  Thanks John!
Don - Mississauga Ont

May 2011

Heard about Solar Tubes many years ago and wanted one for a dark living room/dinning room.  My husband wanted a skylight, so we were at an impasse.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, I finally won, and he totally loves it and now has decided we need a couple more in 2 other dark areas. I had done my homework on the Solar Tube product and John Hewitt's knowledge, pricing and service were the absolute best.  I would not hesitate to recommend him. 


Donna Lockhart - Oakville, Ont

Hi John, just a quick note to thank you so much for the two Solar Tubes you installed for us in Mississauga  yesterday. We are enjoying them already and can't thank you enough for your tidy and excellent workmanship.  It was our pleasure to meet you and will recommend you to anyone who asks for a Solar Tube. We were sorry to leave you but appreciated the tidiness when we got home. Our thanks again and we wish you much success in this business, we know you will be busy as soon as the weather breaks.     

Marcia Spears - Mississauga

October 2010

We really enjoy our Solar Tube installed by Performance Natural Lighting. John you strongly know your product. Your friendly service and advice is appreciated, and would recommend your Solar Tube installations to others.

Catherine Monest - Oakville, Ontario

October 2010

I love my new Solar Tube! It gives so much light to what was once a fairly dark hallway and I couldn't be happier with it. John was great to work with - pleasant, efficient and did a beautiful job! I plan on having him put one in every house I ever live in! He also fixed another Solar Tube for my stepmum and she was so pleased with his knowledge and workmanship

Alison McConnell - Toronto, Ontario

September 2010

Hey John,
Solar Tube has been an excellent product compared to the convenional skylights we used to have installed in our custom built homes. I can rely on your installations any time in need on short notice.

My customers are very pleased with purchasing a home with natural light inside.

Tony Bruno - Brundale Homes Stouffville, Ontario

September 2010

John, I never knew a product existed using a pipe to bring in light from the outdoors until we saw our neighbours who refered my self to you. I was impressed with your knowledge and commitment to your product. Your enthusiasm about Solar Tubes gives good representation of the product and gave me confidence to go ahead with the installation. The new bathroom Solar Tube shows well and people always comment on it's brightness.

Haley Cole - Pickering, Ontario

September 2010

Performance Natural Lighting, John Just a quick note to let you know we are vary pleased with our new Solar Tube you installed in our Stairwell, The brightness provided is incredible and we no longer have to turn the hallway light on during the day. Your work ethics are friendly and courteous, we will show off our new Solar Tube to all our neighbours! Cheers,

Joseph Wilson - Newmarket, Ontario

August 2010

Hi John, We enjoy the brightness that lights up the hallway and stairs through the Solatube that you installed. You know your product well, took time to explain all aspects of it and made some very practical suggestions. Your friendly down to earth nature made us comfortable to give the contract to you. You did a tidy, professional job and we are very pleased with it. We wish you all the best.

John & Jacinta Fernandes - Markham, Ontario

June 2010

We would like to say how pleased we are with our new Solar Tubes. We can't believe that our previously unlit foyer has so much light. In fact, we were so pleased with the results, that we decided to put a 14 inch Solar Tube in our livingroom and are intrigued with the prisms that gradually move around the room as the sun changes position. We highly recommend John for his professional and careful installations.

Allan & Susan - Scarborough, Ontario

May 2010

Fantastic job John, Thanks to this new invention in our Bathroom, we don't have to leave the light on anymore. With no window, it was the darkest room in the house. We would highly recomend your product to any one in need. I'm trying to convince my wife we need another Solar Tube in the dark end of the kitchen! Works really well!

John Park - Pickering, Ontario

April 2010

We moved from a very bright home that had large windows in every room into a house that had a dark central stairwell & a dark kitchen that did not have a window in the main working area. We ordered two 14 inch Solatubes to be installed a couple of days after we moved in. What a difference!

Now, you can move up & down the staircase & work in the kitchen most of the day without any lights on. Installation was quick & efficient. Placement of the Solatubes is very pleasing. All work areas were left clean. We are very pleased with the installation & the Solatube.

J & G - Courtice, Ontario

August 2009

We have a small bedroom, approx. 9' X 10' on the east side of our house. Large Cedar trees are just outside the window and only sunshine would enter the room early next morning. Once the sun moved out, the east, the room would become very dark for the rest of the day. So, several years ago, John installed a 14" Solar Tube in the middle of the ceiling. The transformation was instantaneous from darkness to daylight. Except for stormy days the room is well lit all day long. On bright sunny days, the room is so bright; we often check the light switch to make sure someone did not leave the light on. We have never had a problem with installation.

In 2009, we decided to renovate our bathroom on the opposite side of the house, which has a tiny window. We called John and he installed another 14" Solar Tube in the ceiling. The bathroom looks great in the bright light and we have tiny bamboo plants happily growing on the shelves. Again, no installation problems or leaks. I am sure John would immediately return if there was a problem. He takes pride in his work. We are very happy customers who are proud to show off John's work. Jo & Gary MacDonald - Aurora, Ontario

April 2000

Dear John,
A sincere thank you for a job well done in the installation of a Solatube in my home, you were polite and professional and cleaned up well when the job was finished. You well represent your product. The Solatube exceeds all expectations.

David Smith - Toronto, Ontario

June 1997

My wife and I still cannot get over the "new look", and the amazing amount of light coming through the small tube; we find ourselves thinking, Why didn't we do this thirty years ago? Your service was prompt, efficient, and on-time; if we can find some other darkened areas in our house; we shall certainly be in touch. Jake - Willowdale, Ontario