Solatube Tubular Lighting

     Solatube Skylights Systems are installed by Performance Natural Lighting to brighten up those dark rooms in your home, This innovative technology collects and transfers sunlight by utilizing a roof top flashing and dome coupled with rigid reflective 10 inch or 14 inch diameter tubular system format that can be installed without ceiling joist or roof rafter modifications.  The installation of the Solatube will result in the distrubution of brilliant  natural light with an attractive clean looking ceiling difusser lens occupying minimal ceiling space.

     Solatubes Skylights systems have a compact design allowing for installation in complex roof structures and confined spaces where conventional skylights are not feasible.  In comparison to standard skylights - Solatube skylight pricing is more affordable without the requirements of  framing, installing drywall and painting.

      Solatube  Skylight Systems have the adavantage to accommodate higher attic spaces if needed offering better performance with minimal reduction of natural light compared to standard skylights. 

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Solatube Natural Lighting

   10" Solatubes

     14" Solatube  

Solatubes roof top view 

  Roof mounted solar panels produce direct voltage to multiple indoor 30cm round or square slim profile LED fixtures simulating natural lighting fluxuations.  This product can be wired into lower levels of a home during new construction before drywall installation where Solatubes can't be installed!     

     Our Solar Powered LED lighting systems are an affordable and practical lighting solution for dark areas of your home where electric lights should not have to be left on during the day. 



Thank you so much John for the professionalism that you have showed us. My wife, Sue and my son, Dane indeed think highly of you, they have emailed me pictures of the Solatubes, They look amazingly wonderful!! 
By the way, we really appreciate the extra task you have rendered us by taking those photo attached. We were just very glad that we chose you, This time we hit the Jackpot! Had we not decided soon enough to let you install the Solatube, we did not have a way to know what those guys did to our roof and attic access. Your coming over to our home was truly a blessing.
Hey John. Thanks for the photo again. Breaks my heart looking at them though. LOL!! We have seen the new on TV just recently on how they scammed a senior citizen in Scarborough. I cannot understand why the better Business Bureau could not stop these people from doing these horrible actions.
My warm regards to you and your family from still warm Texas! Come November, I surely will enjoy the Solatubes as well.
More power to you, John.
Darcy Olayres 

Darcy Olayres, Scarborough Ontario


  • 10" Solatube & 14" Solatube  Skylights
  • Solatube Add-on Light Kits Or NighLight
  • Solatube ventilation Add-on Kit
  • Solatubes Vusion diffusers & Solatubes decorative fixtures
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  • We guarantee 100% quality work Satisfacation.
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  • 10 years Solatube writen invoice warranty provide.
  • Solid 25 years of Solatubes installation experience.  
  • Solatube is the leading manufacturer 
  • for tubular daylight systems word wide
  • Solatube has 99.7% Reflective material.